ASR acted as a catalyst, a network and a resource centre for several groups in terms of trying to link them to each other and to link smaller initiatives/groups to larger and more ‘established’ ones.  ASR regularly kept in touch with these groups and assists with their programmes, projects and training.  It also raises funds for them when needed, arranges experience sharing and exposure both within and outside the country, links them into development groups and networks abroad, and provides any other information or resource required including information on funding sources. 

 ASR frequently assists and supports community based programmes ranging from linking them to appropriate ‘experts’ or technical persons; to establishing contacts with funding agencies; to advice and assistance in designing and implementing action programmes; and/or by getting involved in training. 

ASR did not only assist existing groups but initiates or helps set up new groups and disengages itself as soon as they became viable.  In some cases, ASR had even encouraged new groups have been formed from within ASR itself.  In these instances, it had provided in-houses facilities, personnel services, funds and/or projects negotiated by ASR. 

 ASR also maintains information of over 3000 national and international groups and was in regular touched with many of them.  Usually they wrote in for information on facilities, resources and other organisations, and every attempted was made to link them into whatever may been their interest.  ASR was also a member of the Asian peace alliance, people’s peace alliance, gender and women’s studied network and was involved with several other boards and networks in the region and in Asia and in other parts of the world. 

 Details of national and international NGOs, women’s NGOs & groups, networks, researched institutes, universities are: 

specific Pakistani NGOs – developmental & action general –                                        254

international women’s groups/NGOs (specific) –                                                               66

int.  Women’s networks/research institutes & courses –                                                  95

women’s NGOs / women’s groups in pakistan –                                                             100

researched institutes-general and university/training/ consultancies /

aca for education dev/individuals pakistan –                                                                    74

intermediaries-networks-general & individuals pakistan –                                             61

NGOs abroad including peasant and labour groups – general –                                     54

international networks-general –                                                                                          46

int.  Intermediaries/and researched institutions / universities/publications –                35